I rob libraries, not banks

Ah, happiness. It feels like I just married a new car and bought myself a new boyfriend. What? I apparently still fail at my metaphors. (Pardon the extreme gushiness that overflows from the prelude of this post, but I just feel so awesome right now I’m afraid I’m on edge of exploding.) A few days ago I finally saved up on extra moolah for another bookstore spree. Being out of college for months now and penniless at that makes this no easy a feat. It also took me longer than the usual to finish all of my previous finds, too. (Swimming through my pile of to-be-read books, though unfailingly stimulating, is time-exhausting just as well.) Then again, it’s an open fact that I do very much willingly starve for books . And after all, we bibliophiles really go hard, don’t we?

I now present to you the loot: 8 intriguing books (2 Thrillers, 4 novels, 1 Autobiographical Memoir and 1 Short Stories Collection) all dolled up with catchy book design covers (always a plus!) and power-packed with praises sung by respected book reviewers—all for only 730.00 php! I am such a cheapskate, yes. Edit: A very dorky, book-savvy cheapskate.

  • By George (Wesley Stace)
  • Happy Birthday or Whatever (Annie Choi)
  • Come to Me (Amy Bloom)
  • Local Girls (Alice Hoffman)
  • Dark Places (Gillian Flynn)
  • Book of Dahlia (Elisa Albert)
  • Love Walked in (Marisa De los Santos)
  • Generation Loss (Elizabeth Hand)

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