Guess what arrived in the mailbox today?

For the lack of an appropriate adjective, let me just say, I’m hyperventilating happy right now. I’ve been desperately praying for my very own copy of Aimee Bender’s novel, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake , for over a year now that it broke my heart to find out it is not yet available here in Manila a few months back. Insatiable (and admittedly greedy) reader that I am, I scourged the web to look for how I can get myself a copy until I’ve fortunately stumbled across Ms. Bender’s very website, where I wrote to her about my predicament.

Some authors can be angels, I learned. Ms. Bender wasn’t only kind enough to drop by this very blog to reply, she’s also generous beyond imagination. Couple of weeks later, after a few correspondence over email, she granted me her promise: I received not only one, but two paperback versions of her critically-acclaimed novel, both copies of which were exclusively signed!

Dear Ms. Bender: When I received the package, I maniacally jumped up and down and screamed and squealed of joy, that I almost wept. Even my own family suspected I was having a frantic cerebral breakdown. Truth is, this humble reader of yours will forever be grateful of your awesomeness.

Crying, Thanks,

D. ♥


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