Women Writers = Rockstars

Here’s your latest update from this absentee-blogger extraordinaire: I still procrastinate. A lot. Which is of course, never news, but that’s beside the point. Postponement will always be part of the package, I suppose, and I know how predictable that sounds.
Anyway, off to something more relevant: I’ve gone a bit sexist on my very recent episode at my favorite bookstore and decided to limit my purchases to books exclusively written by women. Because, as the title of my post very explicitly implies, they are rockstars to me. Relax, I’m not spearheading a gender debate here. I’m just openly (and affectionately) expressing how much I adore women who are never afraid to write their imaginations, beliefs and memories, on paper. Being an aspiring one myself, I know how much gut it takes to write, and understanding first-hand how accomplished these women are in their writing also evokes a sense of pride and fulfillment in me. Somehow, I can feel through their words that they’re encouraging me and cheering me on, the way they must’ve influenced a lot of dreamers and readers around the world. Almost like they’re telling me, “Someday, you’ll have your own book too.” Of course, maybe that’s just me hearing voices, but hey, this is my blog and I’m my own heroine. Or whatever.
Though not thoroughly premeditated, I planned to be as extensive as possible on my choices, so this time’s haul has been yet another peculiar yet lovely mix. I’ve got historical romances, chick-lit, short story collections, YA fictions, a memoir and a poetry collection. On a sidenote, I also like taking pretty pictures of books, and this one’s taken on a lazy sun-drenched afternoon. I was so happy seeing this picture set against a backdrop of soft, glowing light. I looked at the colorful spines of these books and the names of the women who wrote them, and I smile to myself, saluting in soliloquy, “How beautiful, how beautiful.”

Snow flower and the Secret fan, Lisa See
Emma, Jane Austen
The Brightest Star in the Sky, Marian Keyes
A Girl becomes a Comma like that, Lisa Glatt
The Inheritance of Beauty, Nicole Seitz
The Year of Disappearances, Susan Hubbard
The Little Friend, Donna Tartt
Shake Loose my Skin, Sonia Sanchez
Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage, Alice Munro


2 thoughts on “Women Writers = Rockstars

  1. How beautiful, indeed! And yes, keep writing, and you will have your book, too. As a wise friend once told me, No Fear! Blessings on your writing and reading life…Nicole Seitz

    • Ms Seitz! How very sweet of you to drop by my humble blog! This makes me giddy! Thank you so much for your encouragement. I’m about to read your book now, and I swear I’m so gonna let you know what my thoughts are later when I finished it. The cover rocks by the way! ❤

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