Books and Pictures

A brief aside: I can’t draw to save my life. And for some insane irony in my uneventful life, I have actually taken up Multimedia Arts as my degree on my first two years in College. You know what they say about people who can’t dance having two left feet? Well in my case, in the sole context of drawing skills, it is legit to say that I have two left hands. That didn’t mean I fail to appreciate good drawing skills whenever I see one.

It’s probably true that I’m more inclined towards watching anime and cartoons, but I get a kick out of reading mangas too when I’m in the mood. And it happens to be one of those days, you know. I just happened to be casually strolling around a bookstore after an excessively stressful day at work when I went past this shelf of colorful book spines. The story synopses at the back weren’t bad either.

Or I don’t know. Probably I’m just feeling so adult and so worn-out these days that I subconsciously had this idea at the back of my head that reading mangas would bring back the feeling of being a child again. Enough about my gloomy nostalgia though, on to some kick-ass zany fun!

Little Queen, Yeon Joo Kim
Kamen Tantei, Matsuri Akino
Otogi Zoshi, Narumi Seto
Threads of Time, Mi Young Noh


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