Better than Blankets: Chick-Lit

They say it’s bed weather. I say, it’s bed-with-a-book weather.

The heavy rainstorms here in the Metro just weeks ago had been unbelievably insane, and I swear I’ve broken at least three umbrellas in the process of trying to get the office where I work in just a sheer number of days. I’m not even kidding. So, I did the next best thing: I ditched work and went a-strollin’ at my favorite bookstore just to, you know, put my self-control to the test and determine its extent. To cut the story short, it didn’t take too long. Twenty-five minutes later I am heading out, hugging this small bookpile close to my chest, smirking like there’s no tomorrow and braving the sunless Friday, homewards.

I regard Chick-Lit as my ‘comfort’ genre because they’re always the best when it comes to seasons like these. Nothing like a dash of romance and fantasy to beat the gloomy weather outside. This, my friends, is my secret to being happy despite the lack of action on the love department: I date fictional characters in my head, and oh goodness, they love me back.

  • I Remember You, Harriet Evans
  • Rainy Day Women, Jane Yardley
  • Girls’ Night In, Candace Bushnell, Jane Green, Lisa Jewell, Wendy Holden, Isabel Wolff, Marian Keyes, Freya North, Fiona Walker, Cathy Kelly, Patricia Scanlan, Clare Naylor, Josie Lloyd and Jenny Colgan

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