I judge books by their covers

Um, yeah: I do. Ninety-percent of the time.

Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t mean to say I only buy books on the sudden impulse made irresistible by lovelier-than-thou book design covers alone; I’m talking about the seemingly inevitable pull of stylishly-crafted books that makes my reader-heart gravitate towards relentless abandon. And the pretty collage of their spines and colors when stacked against each other! Yeah, this is probably the nth time I’m babbling about the art and aesthetics of books, but whatever.

September has proved to be a prolific month for reading: I managed to read seven books in total despite the unyielding drama and demands of real life. Everything’s cray as usual but I decided that I won’t let this stop me from reading. So I skipped office breaks and lunches, utilized my travel time to and from work and sacrificed what few hours I have left for sleep. Oh, the things we do for the love of reading! It’s rewarding though because I highly enjoyed all the books I’ve read for this month. I was honestly puzzled at one point because all my consecutive reads have been awesome in different ways and dare I say it? ‘Unputdownable’. It’s been quite a while since I felt this way.  I’m almost convinced that my book-shopping skills are improving, hurrah! Or probably the universe is just really conspiring to agree with me for a change. So I deeply immersed myself from page to page and basked in blissful ignorance of the busy world, non-existent social life be damned. Time stops when you’re reading, I suppose, or at least it’s what I’m hoping for.

So hyped for my new book finds! This is insane, because my to-be-read book pile is already monstrous and I am still powerless over restricting myself from book shopping. One of my brothers was flabbergasted when he saw how my unread new books have somewhat created a mountain of sorts at the foot of my bed because my shelf’s already full. I just laughed my head off when he solemnly (albeit sarcastically) told me, “Ate, tigilan mo na yan.” Lol.

Here’s how the book cover designs look for the curious:

  • Sky is Everywhere, Jandy Nelson
  • The Calligrapher’s Daughter, Eugenia Kim
  • The Book Lovers’ Appreciation Society (Short Stories) Various Authors
  • Love Letters, Katie Fford

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