The Reading Rebellion

A realization that’s becoming truer and truer for me by the day: People think I’m like a walking library or something.

This is something I’m both perplexed and happy about. I am stunned that people from the office I work at/ college friends / high school classmates are recently endlessly asking me for books I’d like to recommend and books I can let them borrow. It’s an amazing feeling when people tweet me whenever they need their book fix and has no idea what book to buy, or sometimes they even search the entire office looking for me just to borrow books. I even saw an office mate skipping lunch time and his precious yosi-break because he couldn’t take his eyes off the book I just lent him a few days ago. A friend I haven’t met in the last two months texted me out of the blue one evening just to let me know that she bought her own copy of a book I’ve been babbling about (probably because she grew tired of hunting me to borrow it. My copy is currently being read by a church-mate who borrowed it.) This meant a lot to me because I know how much she’d rather buy make-up and lipstick during paydays but she still shelled out a couple hundred bucks to get the book I promised I would let her borrow just so she could read it. And we were out of touch for the last two months so I wasn’t even around to encourage her to do so! It was her independent decision and I couldn’t have been prouder.

This feeling of being instrumental / influential in empowering people to read makes me happy. And proud. And, yes, darn it, honored.

I’m grateful that a lot of people are giving me the chance to share my love of reading with them. I love the fact that they’re just as busy as I am (heck some of them have more rigid schedules than mine!) but they squeeze in a portion of their daily lives to reading just the same. Reading, wouldn’t you know, is a rebellion too. Dorky is the new badass, hey. Book Addicts, Unite! (Okay, that’s a little too geeky.)

♥ September is such a good month for reading and I hope the rest of the year will be just the same. Bring it on, Real Life, you cannot stop me from reading. End of conversation.


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