Project: Cohesiveness

I know it’s a bit late at this time of the year to do a little spring cleaning, but whatever. The Book Blah just had its first birthday and I figured there’s no better time than now to spice things up into structure. So friends, herewith I proudly present a sleeker system of spreading ze book love: Daily-themed book talk! So since I want to get a good jumpstart the soonest time possible, let me give ya’ll a quick heads-up on what it’s going to be. I promise I’m going to make it real quick and simple.

  • Must-have Mondays : Mondays are already infamous enough for their reputation so I’m gonna give it some kindness by making it the day for wishlists. No better stress-reliever by talking about books I’m so desperate to have. Man, just thinking about it is already getting me real excited.
  • •Trivia Tuesdays: I am a sucker for Trivias, okay. So Tuesdays are going to be about bits and pieces of interesting and quirky stuff about books and authors.
  • What-if Wednesdays: Midweek can get a little monotonous so I figured it’s the best time of the week for imaginary scenarios about reading and books in general. Wednesdays are for wit and wacky.
  • Tag Thursdays: Nothing spells cohesiveness like LISTS! I’m going to scourge the web for exciting tag quizzes I could respond to or create one myself if I’m feeling extra-efficient.
  • Forget-this-not Fridays: I usually am not a hardcore quote-keeper when reading because I’m too lazy to take down notes, but from now on, I’m going to run back memory lane and share memorable lines from books I’ve loved over the years.
  • Style Saturdays : In which I’ll be spazzing about the aesthetics of books and their physical designs and covers. This is simply something I will not get tired of doing anyway, so I decided, why not?
  • Scripture Sundays: This probably is the one I’m proudest of, albeit probably the strangest among the bunch. Sundays are for rest and relaxation I know so it is also the best day of the week to reflect on the holy word. Been meaning to do this in ages, so here it goes!

I know this has been such a mouthful, sorry, but I just really want to keep things neat and tidy for this blog’s second year. Cross your fingers with me for cohesiveness folks! Cheers!


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