What-if Wednesdays #1: Dream Book for my Directorial Debut

If I could adapt a book into film, I would pick… The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Okay, this ain’t really so original, because I got the idea from my super college friend, Dotay, but I would love to see my own vision unfold on screen for my personal re-telling of The Giver. You have to respect a man who made a wicked, completely believable and terrifying dystopian novel during a time when books such as Hunger Games or Divergent or what have you are still nonexistent tales. And like any good dystopian fiction, it gives you a frightening glimpse of a completely-imagined yet metaphorically-searing alternate society in the vast unknown future. It touches on the politics of freedom and individuality in the backdrop of a seemingly communist setting, giving you a tug-of-war philosophy between anarchy and utopia. Sameness versus Strangeness. Conformity versus Independence. And yes folks, I’m talking big words here but this is totally a children’s novel.

I couldn’t forget what Dotay told me the day she lent me a copy of this book to read back in 2007. She said that if she has one shot to make a movie into a film, this will be the book. That was enough to pique my curiosity and soon enough, I completely understood why. I would love to direct this too so maybe we can co-produce it together! Haha.


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