Style Saturdays # 1: Exit Here

A couple of posts back, I have admitted that I do judge books by their covers more often than not when I shop. It’s one of the given vanities of being a reader: to have confidence in the fact that the book you carry inside your bag is good enough to be read in public. People judge us too, of course, and the books that we choose define us, albeit in a very shallow sense, if we’re strictly talking about book covers. The content defeats everything of course, and at the end of the day it will always come down to whether it was worth reading or not, regardless of how pretty or embarrassing it looks from the outside.

So for my first case in point, I think I’m going to pick a book that has one of my favorite book cover designs ever, and which is ironically also the book that I hated the most. Jason Myers’ “Exit Here”. Yes, it’s the first time I ever hated a book, mostly because I felt the premise has such high promise, the title is a runaway winner and the book design cover freaking made me hope until the last page that there might be something great waiting for me towards the end if I stick around long enough, but alas, no: the book sucked big time.

But don’t you just find yourself drawn towards that gorgeous art? Its minimalist-inspired design cover gives off a very serene, calming vibe that I almost misinterpreted as stylish sullenness. I really looked forward to reading this book when I bought it, and man, what a disappointment. Maybe it’s just really me and my inner crankypants yet again, but despite how much I adored that tranquil book cover, I will never have the patience to read it a second time. Just…no.


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