Must-have Mondays #3

High Fantasy and Epic Fiction has always been estranged genres to me for some reason I couldn’t quite point my finger at. I looked at my shelf lately and realized the overwhelming absence and lack thereof, so I find myself asking whether I have something against these kinds of novels. I figured I haven’t really had a traumatizing experience with any high fantasy novel—I never had any experience at all.

And then came the subsequent scourging for the ideal book to begin my adventure. I watched vlogs after vlogs from famous booktubers on the world wide web and now I can say I have a fairly good idea of mainstream fantasy/epic fiction. Popular titles well-liked by the general majority, at the least.

Cut to: actual window book-shopping to see for myself what the current hot titles are for my sought-after genre. The bestseller list is pretty much similar to the consensus I have gathered from watching booktubers. Yeah, they’re right after all.

But then! I came across this large, voluminous novel with a gorgeous cover and I fell in love. I’ve read the blurbs at the back and was delighted to see such high praises and acclaim for it. It’s not new—‘Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell’ by critically-received author Susanna Clarke was published back in 2002, but I think it’s the perfect book for me to start my journey towards High Fantasy. I’ll definitely get my hands on this one on my next payday!


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