Style Saturdays # 3 : A Gorgeous Gift!


35 Girls. 1 Crown. The Competition of a Lifetime.

I just…I just don’t care anymore, okay? Haha. It took a lot of pacing back and forth between the bookstore aisles when I went book shopping last week, and man, I’ve never been so conflicted about buying a book for this long. See, I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this book (what with the virtual drama it stirred up in Goodreads several months back), but then the reviews were also mixed. On the other hand, there’s me, just gawking and flabbergasted at that gorgeousness of a cover. Look at it, friends. It’s a beauty so ethereal it just sucks you in and makes you want to buy it. Aaaaah.

Anyways, I ended up not buying it anyway. I reached the heartbreaking conclusion that my wallet will still make the decision for me, and it decided that now is not the time for me to be perversely in love with a book cover. (Read: Insufficient financial funds). Also, that there are other books far more substantial and therefore more satisfying.  Let’s consider eye-candies for a moment, shall we? Right, I am quite judging this book because the synopsis seemed fluff to me, but whatever, I love (and need) fluff in my life sometimes.

Imagine then how I died of happiness when I opened the exchange gift I got from an office Christmas Party and found this stunner of a book staring back at me. (Thank You, Carmen!) This book and I, we are meant to be together, yo. It found its way to me eventually, or something cheesy like that.

But seriously, that book cover. It’s so pretty I just can’t. Aaaaaah why am I this shallow?


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