Book-Swap 2013 & the Awesome Darliza

ender's game

OMG I don’t know where to begin—it all happened so fast. Just two days ago, Darliza of THE BOOK EXPERIENCE blog and I were exchanging messages over Goodreads about this random idea of swapping books. By the way, let me just note the fact that we absolutely don’t know each other in life and that we live hundreds of miles apart. (I from Manila, she from Cebu.) Anyway, she’s faster than I expected, hence beating me to sending the book first.

I got it today and I did a little lunatic dance when I had a quick glimpse of it from the package.  It’s ‘Ender’s Game’ by Orson Scott Card! Boy, was I happy. I’ve been hearing praises left and right for this book and it’s something I’ve always been curious about for such a long time now. Also, it’s an answered prayer re: my reading resolution to embrace diversity in books. I haven’t read Science Fiction in a long while and this book seems to be a fantastic chance to reunite with the awesomeness the genre.

Dear Darliza, I can’t thank you enough for indulging me in my crazy idea. I hope this will be the beginning of a wonderful friendship over books. Also, you have excellent taste. You are awesome, that is all. Here’s to books. And here’s to us, readers. ❤


3 thoughts on “Book-Swap 2013 & the Awesome Darliza

  1. Hi, Darden! I’m glad I got you thrilled over the book I sent. I wasn’t sure if you’d like it (it’s an old copy too), but it’s well-loved.

    It’s funny you mentioned not reading SF for a long time. I love Science Fiction and Fantasy, and speculative fiction, in general, and I can’t wait to share this “nerdery” with you. I’m going to have a field day choosing what books to send you next. 🙂 Have fun.

    • Seeing this book made me realize how badly I missed reading the quirkiness of Sci-Fi books and omg I’m so hyped to get started on this. I will definitely let you know what my thoughts are once I’m already done reading this book. Can’t wait to discuss it with you. Bring on the nerdery, woman! Haha.

      And since you love this genre, I’m pretty much certain what to send you next already. Hahaha. Thanks again for being awesome. 🙂

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