Sisters before Suitors?



 (Secret of Friendship)

Story: Kawahara Kazune
Art:Yamakawa Aiji

Remember middle school days when there’s this thick wall of gender divide and we used to say things like ‘Books before Boys’ like some sort of secret pledge of allegiance?

Well, yes, it’s still my life mantra. Haha. This manga had the memories crashing back to me. It’s bittersweet and I’m glad I picked it up. See, I rarely have the time for mangas, but when I do, I crave them so bad. My best friend Cherry sent me a link on twitter a couple of days back about this sweet little story about girl friendships and I finally got around to read it. Gah, I’m such a sucker for shoujo stories and I’m very pleased to report that this is made of good stuff—I loved it!  Tomodachi No Hanashi has been a fantastic read, which is something I rarely say about mangas as well.(Don’t judge me, I’m a legit noob when it comes to art.) It’s the first one I ever gave five stars too!  Also, I always thought I’m a hundred percent bromance shipper and am therefore wonderfully caught off-guard to know that I have a soft-spot too for tight-knit friendships between girls. The story is fresh and the text, resonant. The art wonderfully captures everything in painstaking-detail and charming nuances, too. Most of the time when I read mangas I just read the text and head to the next page without really looking at the pictures (because, again, I’m a noob when it comes to art), but  the vivid illustrations for Tomodachi No Hanashi made me pause and linger at every page, absorbing every corner of how the story was depicted. It’s beautiful both for the eyes and the mind. It’s a heartwarming read that will make you appreciate your best girlfriends in life.

Thanks for the heads-up, Cherry! ♥


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