Must-have Mondays #4


Awesome news: I already know what to buy on my next payday!

Last year, I immensely enjoyed Daniel Handler’s book ‘Why We Broke Up’ that I pretty much shoved it down everyone’s throat whenever there’s a chance. That book brought out the hardcore pimp within me, I suppose. And regrets I have none; everyone I recommended it to enjoyed it just as well. Okay, you can probably argue that they’re just being polite but then again, one can really never go wrong with a Daniel Handler book. If you haven’t heard his name before, his pseudonym ‘Lemony Snicket’ might ring a few bells.

So anyway, I know for a fact that this year won’t be complete without reading more of his works, and I’ve been googling like crazy in the last couple of weeks about his other books and whether they are available locally, and their respective prices. Hurrah for local bookstores! Although, I must say I would’ve had appreciated them better if they go easy on the pricetags a bit. (Seriously, when’s the next cut-price sale?)

On my next payday (which is just a few days from now, yippee) I am all set to hunt for either of these two books of his, ‘Adverbs’ or ‘Who could that be at this hour?’. Dang the anticipation, I can’t wait to own these!


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