Trivia Tuesdays: Erotica of a Bibliophile


Some things, we do for posterity’s sake. This blog, for instance, is case in point; I want those who will come after me to know just how big my passion for books and reading is—and how I could never keep still about it. Hence, the blog name.

In the reluctant (however unnecessary) effort to keep up with this month’s theme and to ignore it just as much, I actually planned to blog snippets of romantic poetry for Trivia Tuesdays but decided against it after quite some time. A.) I intended to post a poem about loving books and reading B.) I realized there’s not much poetry about that subject C.) I recalled that letter B. is actually the very reason why I wrote a poem about it when I was 17 D.) I figured this is the best excuse to promote my own writing. E.) I justified Letter D. by admitting to the fact that I am, for the nth time, being a lame, pompous poet. F.) I told myself that I am doing this for posterity’s sake. See paragraph above.

As you can see, the title is a bit indelicate and so are some of the metaphors I used. It’s one of the poems I’m most proud of having written even though I sound so much like a smug seventeen-year old wordsmith-wannabe, which is, come to think of it—the truth. It has been one of my contributions for the Shades of Gray 2010 Vol. XII (Themeless Thirteenth), the annual literary folio of my college, DLS-CSB, alongside three other poems and a short story. Reading it now makes me cringe a little because I can already step back and see it from a distance, and boy, what a difference a couple of years make! (Excuse me while I face-palm at my severe abuse of alliteration. Ugh.) All of a sudden, I’m suddenly too critical of my own work, finding faults here and there, wanting to change this and that. I still say I could’ve done better on this poem, but I think it will do for now, it has been published after all so it’s probably not so bad. My favorite thing about it is how it still somewhat describes my unwavering love for reading. It’s a good feeling to know that I’ve always been crazy for books even then and until today, if not crazier. And this, i am still very, very proud of.

PS. I’m actually wary of posting my ‘official works’ so I post junk from my unpublished works instead on my personal blog. Art illustration is created and designed by the lovely Sche Morris.


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