To Hell with Book-Buying Bans

bookhaul march

This love is too legit to give up.

Darn it—I endured this hardship for two months (four freaking paydays) and every ounce of resistance to shop for books is now officially depleted; I finally can’t hold myself back because my will to save money is feeble and dwarfed by my extreme desire for coveted titles and favorite authors. For two months I’ve been asking myself how much I really wanted to be a financially-organized individual versus how much I will do anything for reading. I’ve been casually ignoring bookstores for weeks, bravely walking by the stacks of titles calling out to me from the sly glass displays. I was proud of myself for a while. But oh jeez, we give in sometimes don’t we? I just can’t anymore, you know?

So unnecessary drama aside, what I just really wanted to say I guess is that I already broke my book-buying ban after two months. There goes my conviction out of the window! Haha. I know it’s probably too early to cave in to my cravings, but whatever—I feel so relieved and rewarded I swear I could weep! Haha. Hence, six lovely new additions to my happiness pile.

• The Tea Rose (Jennifer Donnelly) – aka the book that robbed me of every bit of defiance. Ya’ll know how I’m such a Donnelly fangirl, right? Not gonna lie, I had to literally stifle a scream when I spotted it sitting adorably in its little corner in the shelf, like it’s waiting for me for ages. And it’s for freaking Php 97.00! The universe loves me!
• Holy Fools (Joanne Harris)—I passed up on this one before but I vowed I’ll never let it go once I see it again. And boy, did it show up the second time. Joanne Harris might be more prominently known for her bestselling novel, ‘Chocolat’, but it’s her Gothic novel ‘Sleep, Pale Sister’ that had me loving her writing when I’ve read it in 2011. I just knew by instinct this is going to be just as good so I needed to get it.
• And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie) –To be completely honest I already have three other books when I finally chanced upon this copy. I’ve been hunting for more Agatha Christie since last year but had not been very lucky until now. Needless to say, I dropped the three other books (which will not be named) faster than you can even say OMG. Plus, this is one of her iconic, most prominent titles, so how to resist?
• Harmony (Project Itoh)—Two things, folks: Cyber Dystopia and three girls on a Suicide Pact. Creepy? Check. Intriguing? Check. Japanese? Check. These buzzwords make me go weak in the knees, okay?
• The Future is Japanese (Various Writers)—Never mind the blatant ethnocentric title—it’s a short story collection and I’m a sucker for those. Plus, it’s science fiction and gah, Darliza will be so proud of me! Haha.
Why We Broke Up (Daniel Handler)—I already have a paperback copy but I now own it on hardbound! You won’t believe how gorgeous the art of this book is. It is a stunner from cover t0 cover and I’m not exaggerating. This is not actually a purchase but an acquisition. It’s a lovely present from my amazing, awesome, girlfriend Ira as a belated Christmas Gift. That girl has no idea how much I love her, for real. Girlfriends always know what we want, I guess—better than psychics!

Here’s to plenty more episodes of reading rebellion to us all, haha.


2 thoughts on “To Hell with Book-Buying Bans

  1. just wanted to say how much i am enjoying your blog. never thought i would ever like a blog. joined goodreads looking for book lovers and reviews, not a good site. quite surprised i needed only one offbeat girl that i have never met, to make all my “what should be on my night stand? in my purse? in the car? in the dining room?” question wishes come true. thank you

    On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 3:29 AM, THE BOOK BLAH

    • Aw, hi Angela! Knowing that someone out there takes the time to read through my thoughts about books mean a lot to me, so let me thank you for your kind words. I’m so excited whenever I come across people who loves reading just as much as I do, so it’s nice meeting you, albeit virtually! Haha. What kind of books do you enjoy and what kind of books do you stay away from?

      Thank you so much for dropping by! Looking forward to a great friendship over books! Cheers
      – D.

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