Roses and Rue (III & IV) – Oscar Wilde


Roses and Rue

Oscar Wilde


I remember so well the room,
And the lilac bloom
That beat at the dripping pane,
In the warm June rain.

And the colour of your gown,
It was amber-brown,
And two little satin bows
From your shoulders rose.

And the handkerchief of French lace
Which you held to your face—
Had a tear-drop left a stain?
Or was it the rain?

‘You have only wasted your life’—
(Ah, there was the knife!)
Those were the words you said,
As you turned your head.

I had wasted my boyhood, true,
But it was for you,
You had enough poets on the shelf,
I gave you myself!


Well, if my heart must break,
Dear Love, for your sake,
It will break in music, I know;
Poets’ hearts break so.
But strange that I was not told
That the brain can hold
In a tiny ivory cell
God’s Heaven and Hell.


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