Must-Have Mondays #6

HOUSE OF LEAVES By Mark Z. Danielewski Another addition to my growing and increasingly-frustrating book wishlist. Nothing like a compilation of book you’ve been salivating to buy but don’t have money for to remind you how much third world pains suck. Boohoo. But seriously, you guys. I need this book in my life. Right now.


All in all, April has been a good month and it might be hard to top my recent productivity to date, but I’m feeling quite ambitious for May. I don’t know why exactly, but I’m just in the mood to do some serious damage to my TBR Pile so I can justify another round of […]


Whoa what a month! April zoomed faster than I ever thought it would. I think time really flies when one is enjoying the moment, don’t you think so? Things are picking up in real life, too—I no longer feel as glum or as bipolar like I did in March and oh yeah, same thing goes […]

What-if Wednesdays

If I could marry a poet, I would marry… Phil Kaye! I have the biggest crush on this guy not only because he’s tons of cute, but because his way with words is just gorgeous and heartbreaking. Phil is a well-known spoken-word poet which means he has participated in a lot of poetry slams and […]