Must-Have Mondays #6

HOUSE OF LEAVES By Mark Z. Danielewski Another addition to my growing and increasingly-frustrating book wishlist. Nothing like a compilation of book you’ve been salivating to buy but don’t have money for to remind you how much third world pains suck. Boohoo. But seriously, you guys. I need this book in my life. Right now. Advertisements

Must-Have Mondays #5

I don’t know, it must be the lovely book cover designs, or probably the seemingly poignant subjects of her books, or her style of writing which is raved about by many, but I’m absolutely drawn towards Rainbow Rowell’s books and I’ve been dreaming about owning them ever since I first came across a glowing review […]

Must-have Mondays #4

Awesome news: I already know what to buy on my next payday! Last year, I immensely enjoyed Daniel Handler’s book ‘Why We Broke Up’ that I pretty much shoved it down everyone’s throat whenever there’s a chance. That book brought out the hardcore pimp within me, I suppose. And regrets I have none; everyone I […]

Must-have Mondays #3

High Fantasy and Epic Fiction has always been estranged genres to me for some reason I couldn’t quite point my finger at. I looked at my shelf lately and realized the overwhelming absence and lack thereof, so I find myself asking whether I have something against these kinds of novels. I figured I haven’t really had a […]