Scripture Sundays #4

The Soundtrack of Your Independence dardenitaaa They danced upon the breaking of their strings, Of love and liberty and other pretty-sounding things, Ripping, shredding flags that didn’t represent them anymore Their blood, swimming back to their lifelines, Their tears, relenting safely to shore– Just like sleepless, scorched spirits they crawled back to bed Singing elegies […]

Scripture Sundays #3

I have a love-hate relationship with beginnings. This is mostly because I’ve been legitimately born awkward and therefore far less susceptible to changes than your average antisocial. For some inexplicable reason I have always been drawn to solitude, always craving for a quiet place above the humdrum noise of daily everywhere. At age 7, I […]

Scripture Sundays # 2

A confession right off the bat: I’m in a reading slump these days. This isn’t the first time, of course. There are really moments in life where there’s just really no time for reading, and your pace from one book to another can be really, really slow. Time drags, pages seem to go on forever, book piles […]

Scripture Sundays #1

I grew up in a Sunday school household. By this, I mean to say that a large chunk of my childhood had been memories of periodic bible chapter readings and the occasional serialized bible stories illustrated in comics. I even had bible quiz books and bible trivia books in grade school. Yes, my parents encouraged this, and […]