Tag Thursdays #4

Also known as: THE HATE LIST Unrequited love is not an unknown concept in my personal universe. Heck, it is a constant force in my life, what with the numerous celebrities I date mentally plus all the one-sided (not to mention imagined) flings and engagements I secretly have with uncountable fictional characters. Unrequited love is […]

Tag Thursdays # 3: Book-Shopping Problems

There’s one thing you should know about me: my patience-meter for shopping and doing groceries is incredibly short. I even doubt my womanhood sometimes, because, well, society expects us to be good—and fond—of these things. Apparently, I’m not the type who can spend hours and hours strolling around from aisle to aisle, trying on shoes […]

Tag Thursdays # 2

Girls love bad boys—but we love troubled boys so much better don’t we? Literary Fiction does troubled teenage boys better than anyone else, and we get an abundance of them from one novel to another, thank heavens. He of the mysterious glare, of the icy silences and brooding mind. He of the misunderstood angst and […]

Tag Thursdays #1

GREED What is your most expensive book? What is your least expensive book? In line with my apparent idiocy in Math and numbers, it is probably no surprise that I am just as bad with keeping tabs on book price tags. Or maybe there’s just really no measure to things that make us happy, cheap […]