To Hell with Book-Buying Bans

This love is too legit to give up. Darn it—I endured this hardship for two months (four freaking paydays) and every ounce of resistance to shop for books is now officially depleted; I finally can’t hold myself back because my will to save money is feeble and dwarfed by my extreme desire for coveted titles […]

I judge books by their covers

Um, yeah: I do. Ninety-percent of the time. Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t mean to say I only buy books on the sudden impulse made irresistible by lovelier-than-thou book design covers alone; I’m talking about the seemingly inevitable pull of stylishly-crafted books that makes my reader-heart gravitate towards relentless abandon. And the pretty […]

The Bestseller Bargain

I’m not really a ‘pop’ kind of reader—I don’t go chasing after bestsellers just because they’re the trend and selling off-the-charts across the world, I don’t judge books by their movie adaptations and hot actor-counterparts, I don’t panic when everybody seems to have already read a book except myself. I know this sounds so highbrow […]

Books and Pictures

A brief aside: I can’t draw to save my life. And for some insane irony in my uneventful life, I have actually taken up Multimedia Arts as my degree on my first two years in College. You know what they say about people who can’t dance having two left feet? Well in my case, in […]

Women Writers = Rockstars

Here’s your latest update from this absentee-blogger extraordinaire: I still procrastinate. A lot. Which is of course, never news, but that’s beside the point. Postponement will always be part of the package, I suppose, and I know how predictable that sounds. Anyway, off to something more relevant: I’ve gone a bit sexist on my very […]

Summer so far

Hard to believe that we’re already done with the first quarter of the year, I suppose. So much has already happened, and yet summer still feels like on a standstill. What is irony. I learned so far that books can sometimes be the perfect barometers of days, and I’d like to believe that with every […]