All in all, April has been a good month and it might be hard to top my recent productivity to date, but I’m feeling quite ambitious for May. I don’t know why exactly, but I’m just in the mood to do some serious damage to my TBR Pile so I can justify another round of […]


Whoa what a month! April zoomed faster than I ever thought it would. I think time really flies when one is enjoying the moment, don’t you think so? Things are picking up in real life, too—I no longer feel as glum or as bipolar like I did in March and oh yeah, same thing goes […]

A very Victorian Vacation

I’ve known for so long that reading books are no different from going on trips–we pack our imaginary suitcases and fly elsewhere according to our whims. Reading historical fiction gives us the bonus perk of time-travel so apart from the freedom in choosing our dream itineraries, we’re also very much in control of calendar and […]

Punk Love not dead!

My very first Hornby and will definitely not be my last! Opening sentence, page one and I am already smitten. It’s always interesting to read about love and relationships as told from a guy’s point of view because you can clearly see the glaring, frighteningly obvious contrast from that of the female perspective. It’s highly […]


The heat is finally on and I don’t know about you guys but for me it has always been this: SUMMER = YA! Woot! I’ve already gone to the beach and went on a week-long out-of-town vacation in March (yes, that moodswing roller coaster of a month) so I’m pretty confident I’ll have lots of time for […]

March Wrap-Up

UGH THE RELENTLESS DRAMA OF REAL LIFE. When I say that March has been ONE FREAKING HELL OF A MONTH, I mean it in all the possible ways you can think of—figuratively, literally, physically, mentally, emotionally, heck, even spiritually, I daresay.  I won’t get into details but let’s just say I’m in the process of […]