Whoa what a month! April zoomed faster than I ever thought it would. I think time really flies when one is enjoying the moment, don’t you think so? Things are picking up in real life, too—I no longer feel as glum or as bipolar like I did in March and oh yeah, same thing goes […]

March Wrap-Up

UGH THE RELENTLESS DRAMA OF REAL LIFE. When I say that March has been ONE FREAKING HELL OF A MONTH, I mean it in all the possible ways you can think of—figuratively, literally, physically, mentally, emotionally, heck, even spiritually, I daresay.  I won’t get into details but let’s just say I’m in the process of […]

February Wrap-Up

…..Aaaaaand I made it out alive! Admittedly, it wasn’t an easy month at all but I slugged through and survived it! Blessed are those who persevere, they say. And how true: most of this month’s books are such stellar reads! t It’s a nice, diverse mix of different takes on love and I enjoyed all […]

January Wrap-Up

Not bad—it’s a solid start for the year and I’m glad I was still able to comply with my five-books-a-month rule, even with change of plans halfway through January. I wasn’t able to pick up Neruda’s Love poetry collection at the library and I had no physical copy of it, but it’s a good thing […]